Site Guide

Below is a brief overview of what's on the Nippop site, arranged in the same order as the top navigation.  Take a minute to look through here if you get a chance, as a lot has changed since version 1.0.

Browse artists by name, birth year, birth month, or tags.  You can also access the artist profile creation interface and the Gapfiller (see below) from here.

Read the latest feature article, browse through back numbers, or submit your own article for publication.

See the most viewed artist profiles and most prolific editors across a range of time periods.

Recently Added
Discover new artists by browsing through recently added artist profiles, tags, edits, videos, and images.

Create a new artist profile or article, or scroll through the Gapfiller and see if you can help fill in any missing data.

Gapfiller is a tool to highlight fields, by artist, that still need to be populated. Check out the chart and start plugging the gaps.

Go to this page to subscribe to RSS fields or a weekly newsletter detailing highlights from the week.

This is the place to find information on Nippop overall, guidelines for submitting content, terms of use, privacy policy, a handy contact form, and pretty much anything else we can think of tossing in.